Make Some Magic in 24 Hours

At EatWith, dining is about more than just food. It’s about a community. This holiday season, we are supporting an organization that is bringing together a community centered around one of our most basic needs: eating.

 Project Open Hand provides nutritious meals to local San Francisco seniors and critically ill neighbors, so they too can rely on consistent, healthy meals, a dry place to eat, and a warm community.

 To bring a little holiday cheer to these special people, some very close friends and I (Carolyn Thayer, Brad Geddes, Camille Geddes, Christopher Neils, Jon Azoff, and Jackie Miller) are hosting a magical evening.

How can you help? Twenty guests from Project Open Hand will dine with us on Sunday at 5pm. To support this inspiring organization, we hope to raise more money than our event costs in the next 24 hours. Any amount we don’t spend on food or transportation will be donated directly back to Project Open Hand.

  • Donate here. Any amount - even $5- helps
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The clock is ticking! Thank you for helping us bring a little holiday spirit to some people who could use it most!

And because I know you all love to read about food just as much as I love to write about it, I present: our menu.


Bacon wrapped dates

Caprese skewers



Cauliflower soup

Handmade (thank you, Brad!) focaccia bread and garlic herb butter

Main Course

48 hour brisket with charred shallot bark

Creamy polenta

Crispy Brussels sprouts


Candy cane macarons & local ice cream