On My Journey, Saying Yes to the Universe, and Hot Glue Guns {PODCAST}


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Have you ever been forced to listen to a recording of yourself?  Or worse—watch a videotape of yourself?  There’s something uncomfortable about having to watch, or hear, all the quirks and –isms that are so innately you. 

I’ve called people about very adult things (like, selling furniture on Craigslist) and been asked if they could “speak to my mommy or daddy”.  Do I sound like a 9 year old?!  (And if I do, shouldn’t they be impressed that I’m such an enterprising 9 year old?)

Yesterday, I received an email that a podcast I was interviewed for, Discover Your Talent Do What You Love, had just been published.  Here’s the scenario that played out in my head:

I can’t listen to this.  It is definitely mortifying.  Maybe I can just send it without actually listening to it.  Nobody would ever know.  Does anybody listen to these things anyway? Will I sound like a 9 year old?! Why are they even interviewing me!?  What if I say ‘um’ more than I use any real, actual words?!

After a pep talk with myself, here I am, sending it out into the world—because some of you may be on this same journey.  And maybe my imperfect little story will help you navigate your own in some way.  And wouldn’t it be selfish if I kept all the things I’ve learned to myself?!



So here it is my friends.  All real talk.  How I got to design my dream life. 



How my parents influenced me.  Hint: it involves dry ice and hot glue guns.

The little side business I ran while I was still selling life insurance (that did not involve food).

Advice on how to find what you love doing. 

The game we played at the dinner table when I was growing up.

When I moved to France—how I found the families that took me in.


I hope something in this podcast is what you needed to hear today.  Grateful doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about you people who attend my events, read and share my emails, or try my recipes.  This one is for you :) 

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