Food for Your Face


I talk a lot about what you put in your body.  The best part of knowing how to cook?  You avoid all the crap (pardon my French) that is put into commercialized food and don’t have to worry about filling your body with pesticides, preservatives, and weird chemicals.

But something that’s so easily overlooked?!  What we put on our bodies.  Your skin is your biggest organ, and oh baby, does it absorb.  Most of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream (yikes, right?!).  Here’s a powerful example:  What happens if you rub garlic on your feet?  It travels through your body and you can actually taste it in your mouth. 

I want to encourage us to start thinking about the things that are part of our daily routines, that we use—almost on autopilot—every single day.  Is there space for a little upgrade!? 

Personally, I’m not ready to give up my shampoo, or the best no-smudge red lipstick I’ve ever found.  But, I did recently ditch my old face wash for a new, organic one that I love.  And I’m starting to take baby steps toward replacing the products I use as part of my routine. 


Last week I got to chat with Gunilla of Gunilla Skin Alchemy, not about fancy expensive natural products to buy, but about healing foods you can use to nurture your face. 

Catch the Facebook LIVE recap here:

Try these foods for quick, easy, at-home indulgence:

Green Tea

Brew two bags of organic green tea, then pour into a big bowl of room temperature or warm water.  Let the tea sit so it’s strong.  Clean your skin first, then soak a wash cloth in the tea-water and press into the skin.  Repeat 2-3 times.  This treatment works as a natural benzol peroxide (typically an acne treatment).  You can repeat this daily.  Another option is to brew green tea and freeze it into ice cubes then apply directly to skin.

Egg White

Separate 1-2 egg whites and whisk together in a bowl (make an omelet out of the yolks!).  Pat on your skin—or use a clean makeup brush—and be sure to target the delicate area under your eyes, and your neck, too.  Let dry (about 15 minutes).  This treatment tightens and firms your skin and is ideal to indulge in before going out.  Remove with cleanser and wash cloth.  Repeat 1x per week



Grate an organic cucumber with a cheese grater.  Rub the paste on your face and let dry for about 15 minutes.  Remove with cleanser and a wash cloth.  This is a great treatment to de-puff and hydrate your eyes (anybody else been starin’ at a computer screen all day?!).  It’s super toning and hydrating, and, delivers lots of healing vitamins and minerals.  This treatment is also particularly helpful after a day in the sun.

Finally, a favorite tip from Gunilla:  Travel with your own wash cloth so you can avoid the harsh detergents and chemicals hotels likely use when washing mass loads of towels.  Whatever the towels are washed in goes straight on your skin, and can travel through your body.