The Live Well Podcast: How to not suck at cooking

Oh this was a fun one!  Last week I was interviewed by Christina Tidwell of The Live Well Podcast.  She’s a Registered Nurse and Holistic Health Coach specializing in chronic autoimmune conditions.   Besides a shared love of pickling things and exchanging embarrassing small-biz owner stories, the most important thing we share is the belief that:

food heals.

But, (this is SUPER important) the kind of food you buy at the store doesn’t heal—its gotta be the kind you make at home, with your own hands, and your own pots and pans.  What you put in your body directly translates into the version of you that shows up in the world each day.  Garbage in = garbage out. 

Christina told me so many of her clients say “I suck at cooking.”, “I’m a horrible cook.”, “I don’t even know where to start.”  I was so excited to sit down with her because there are so many easy remedies for this, and I got to gush about them for almost a whole HOUR. 

Click here to listen. 

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