Top 5 Recipes of 2018!


As we reflect on 2018 and list our ideas to better ourselves in 2019, I offer this:  A New Year is a perfect time to make these big plans—I’ve always loved annual goal setting and the satisfaction of reviewing last year’s achievements—but our daily choices (even if we make them in July) have so much more power than a long list or vision board we peek at once a month. 

Did you resolve to eat better in 2019?  Start today.  And you’ll have to start again tomorrow.  And again the day after that.  Because a bunch of little todays are the only thing that can create one big juicy shift. 

Instead of takeout, choose to cook at home.  Make a recipe you’ve never before tried, or—better yet—one that scares you (Roasting a whole chicken?  Filleting a fish?  Hosting a dinner party solo?).  If you haven’t yet tried them, start with the top five most-made recipes of 2018 (listed below)!   

This year I’ve been a little slow to start capturing my big plans for 2019. I’ll keep you posted as I settle in, but two little daily choices I’m committed to make? Not checking my phone first thing in the morning and 15 minutes of non-negotiable meditation each day.

#5. Lemon Pepper Feta