The Secret to Carrying a Tray of Martinis


I once was afraid to carry a tray of full martinis.  

During my college summers, I worked as a hostess at one of my favorite fancy seafood restaurants in Seattle.  If guests went to the bar for martinis before their table was ready, and the table turned faster than anticipated, I’d actually wait until they took several sips from their brimming martini glasses before escorting them (and the tray of their sloshing martinis) to their table.  I know.  I don’t think my manager would have been overly jazzed. 


Fast forward 10 years and though new things scare me, martinis most certainly don’t.  Why?!  I learned this little trick that makes martini transport a breeze.  Educate yourself so you don’t have to awkwardly pretend to feed your cat if you’re ever faced with a tray of full cocktails. 

What’s the big secret? It’s simple but effective: Don’t look down—stare straight ahead. When you look at the tray and see liquid moving, you overcompensate to try and balance it (and actually slosh more alcohol around). Let your natural balance guide you, keep your eyes on the prize (the wall ahead), and walk slowly but steadily.