Matcha Latte


A lovely substitute for coffee, or for me, a 3pm pick-me-up when the alternative is curling up for a nap I don’t have the luxury of taking. Whipping up (literally) this matcha latte has become a peaceful break in my day.   


You probably won’t make one every afternoon, but I hope that when you do, you’ll try to slow down a few mph (even just by setting your phone in another room) to enjoy the process of what you’re making, and soon, sipping.

Psst….don’t have a matcha whisk!?  (I don’t either—but I’ve got a trick so you can make perfect matcha without one.)


Food La La Recipe: Matcha Latte (dairy free)

Yields: 2 lattes


  • 2 tsp organic matcha power

  • 1 cup boiling water

  • 1 cup cashew milk

  • 1 TBS honey

  • 1 TSP vanilla bean paste*


  1. Put matcha powder in a bowl and add a few tablespoons of the boiling water.  Whisk together until a thick paste forms.  (WHY? #1)

  2. Put the rest of the boiling water in a blender, then add the matcha paste and all remaining ingredients.  Blend on high for 10-15 seconds, then pour into two mugs.

  3. Top with extra cashew milk if desired.

Silver Spoon.png

Psst! A few recipes notes:

  • Note:  Can substitute vanilla bean paste with extract

  • WHY? #1:  By adding just a little bit of water, you can dissolve the matcha easier than if you add the matcha to the whole cup of water.