(. . . including what the heck happened to tagging!)

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When I launched my business in 2016 I signed on with Mailchimp (I barely knew what email marketing was, and was just excited that it was FREE!!)  My brand is extremely aesthetic (hello, bedazzled macarons!!) so it was important my emails matched.  Each week I struggled to get my emails to look as fresh as my website and Instagram—when I got really crafty, I started screenshotting art I made in Canva, then uploading it to Mailchimp to try and beat the system.  I also had NO IDEA what I was doing.  How big should the button be?!  What should it say?!  Where should it go!?


Enter Flodesk in November of 2018.  I first loved them because Flodesk is run by two women right here in San Francisco (and I LOVE to support the ladies!) but I also needed them because I wanted to get strategic with email marketing and knew I needed a better, more aesthetic solution.  My Canva-Mailchimp-Hack-A-Thon was sucking up too much time. 

I built my first formal sales email for a holiday event campaign on Flodesk, and earned $6235 with that *single* email.  The pre-made templates helped guide my design so it wasn’t just beautiful, it was EFFECTIVE.  And as a small business owner, my ultimate goal with email marketing is growing revenue. 

The platform itself is beautiful and intuitive—I keep the tab open 24/7 just because it makes me feel zen—and if you are new to email, their templates will guide your strategy.  Even if you feel clueless about email marketing, pushing your content through Flodesk immediately uplevels your brand.

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#2 Flodesk’s pricing is static

As my list grew, Mailchimp started to tack on the fees.  At one point I actually caught myself wishing I wouldn’t hit that 3,000 subscriber mark because I didn’t want to have to pay more (which is like wishing you won’t have to pay a lot in taxes, right!?  So dumb.)  But still, I felt like I was being punished for growing my business.

As juicy as your list becomes (and it will, trust me!) and for as many emails as you want to send each month, Flodesk charges one single price (and is less than what I was spending on Mailchimp).  Plus, with this link, you can get 50% off even their introductory pricing (for as long as you use the platform!)


#3 Segmenting makes my campaigns more effective

Until I started with Flodesk, I had never worked with a segmented list. I had tons of complex tags in Mailchimp (denoting my audience based on city, product interest, etc.) but had no easy way of working with those tags. Flodesk completely eliminated the need for “tagging” with their easy and transparent segmenting system. If you want to see it in action, watch the video above!



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 Hi!  If you’re new around here, here’s a quick rundown on me and this little biz I started :)

I’m the head chef, macaron expert, and sprinkle curator (best part) at Food La La.  I write and develop weekly recipes and instructional cooking videos because I LOVE teaching people how to cook (I left my corporate career selling life insurance to backpack through France and learn from farmers and local artisans.)  In 2016 I started working as a private chef in San Francisco, but quickly found my niche:  teaching French macaron workshops.  There’s something magic about those pretty little cookies, isn’t there!?


I now employ a staff of hostesses and bakers, and run the commercial kitchen operations for our  signature event: Le Macaron Bar, in which guests get to bedazzle (and capture glamour shots of) their own box of fancy French macarons!  We’ve hosted many beloved companies and brands on the West Coast, including: Williams-Sonoma, Pinterest, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Alaska Airlines, Google, Airbnb, Salesforce, and Facebook.


I also create all the content for Food La La—from orchestrating photoshoots with our amazing photographer, Erica Garlieb, to making macarons dance in slow-mo, to brainstorming food puns for our email sign-offs—and delight in the process because it helps me connect to our tribe! And, I’m so excited to teach you a few of the email marketing tricks I’ve learned along the way :)


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